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We are responsible for the eligibility of your team!

Through Pm intensive corporate training, We enable companies to create and sustain a competitive edge that makes them stand out! With our tailored-made training solutions, every aspect of the practical and theoretical training perfectly fits into your organizational training needs. Throughout the mixture of accredited trainers with specially tailored materials, employees’ eligibility targets are guaranteed!

How it works

Training & support for your organization


Identify skill gaps and benchmark your company against industry and competitors


Train staff in a way that suits the needs of your business. Track learner progress easily


Validate skills with professional certifications to ensure learning outcomes are practical and relevant


Ongoing portal access to ensure your staff stay up to date with exclusive expert content & bite-sized learning

CEB Programs

depend on programs count

Why choose us ?

CEB benefits for corporate

Sign-up as a team and get $100 sign up bonus, discounts on all products

100 USD free sign-up bonus per team
Up to 7.5% discount on all products for all team members
Collaborate and work together
Portal to manage all team members
Portal to manage all team members
CEB Cloud LMS with free mobile app

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