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Site layout planning, mobilization and temporary facilities

Project documents includes: contract, letter of award, correspondence/letters agreed-upon by parties, bill of quantities, offer and its attachments, instruction to tenderers, contract general and special conditions, time schedules, drawings and technical specifications. Project management team should review, prioritize, coordinate and integrate all these documents. For example, bim could be used to coordinate and integrate different project trades and disciplines.  


  • objectives of site layout planning.
  • factors affecting site layout planning.
  • items considered in planning site layout.
  • facility under construction.
  • fixed/movable equipment and plants.
  • store areas for different materials.
  • fabrication areas/workshops.
  • temporary facilities (offices, mess halls, toilets, labs,).
  • power supply.
  • water supply/drainage.
  • roads and maneuvering areas.
  • mobilization to project site.

Review of Project Documents, their priorities and BIM coordination